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May 15, 2009

Friday Wine and Cheese Party

Friday entertaining always seems a little rushed with work and commuting but you can never go wrong with a simply wine and cheese party. Cheese plates are an EASY way to look like you did a ton of work when in all reality you were sitting back sipping wine way before your guests even arrived! :) Below are some photos of my most recent wine and cheese party!

I used a cheese slate which displays the cheese nicely and is great to cut on. Some people use chalk to write the names of the cheeses right on the slate but I opted for cheese picks (I took this photo before I wrote out the names on paper and placed them in the picks). Don't over think your cheese selections your local Trader Joes or Whole Foods have great options. For this cheese plate I selected a havarti, brie, blue, smoked gouda and a basil monterey jack. (You can find an interesting post on cheeses over at Food Geek)

To complement the different flavors of the chesses I also put out fresh grapes, an assortment of olives and even sliced up some green apple for that tart and refreshing taste in between bites of cheese. In addition, I put out a sweet fig spread (which is awesome paired with a brie) and a pepper jam.

And because everyone knows that entertaining is as much about the details as it is the food you serve below are some fun links to AWSOME wine and cheese accessories.
Williams Sonoma Slate Cheese Board - $39.95 (provides a video about cheeses)
Sur La Table Wine Chilling Carafe- $60.00 (perfect for white wine)
Mirassou California Pinot Noir - $10.99 (one of my favorite light bodied summer red wines)

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