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January 19, 2010

Wedding Jeans

I stumbled across this wedding today and it got me to thinking about jeans at a wedding. They say that jeans have become the new dress pant but what do you think about them for wedding party attire? I actually am totally surprised by how much I really like the look and vibe they give off but am interested in your thoughts….


  1. I think it looks very cool in pics....I love jeans....love guys in jeans....BUT...would I have let my hubbie wear them on our wedding day? No, No, No! We can wear jeans every day of the year...for some reason a wedding day seems a bit more special. I won't let my family even wear jeans to church on sunday. But...again...I think the pics look great!

  2. I totally agree with Kara. These guys look great but jeans are jeans so where is the wow factor? Maybe if they were diamond encrusted that might work...but seriously - it's a special day so a special look definatly what's needed.

    Great pics!

  3. now ladies... you can not go around "bedazzling" a mans jeans, wedding or not.! it just wouldn't be right. ha.!
    but i like the feel of the comfortable and relaxed look to the wedding.