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January 22, 2010

Groomsmen Suits

The amazing Anne over at The City Sage recently got married and her wedding was gorgeous! I loved so many things about it but I have to share the groomsmen attire given that we were just discussing different options for men to wear at weddings. I absolutely love the way that Anne placed the guys in different toned and styled blue/grey suits. They totally rocked the look and it added something to their photos! Congrats again Anne!

Photo Courtesy:
Anna Kilbridge Photography


  1. Funny story about this! My husband neglected to tell his cousin that he was in the wedding party, so when the cousin arrived (from Australia no less!) he spent the three days before the wedding searching for an affordable suit that fit our color scheme. Finally found one at H&M!

    Also, huz's gift to his groomsmen was the ties you see them wearing--each one is unique but fits within our palette. a great souvenir to remember the wedding by, every time they wear it again!

    thanks for sharing my pics and for the link love kerry! xo!

  2. I love H&M that is an awesome story!! Glad it all worked out and the ties look great!