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December 14, 2009

Statement Jewelry

I have to admit that I am finding new inspiration in the way Madeleine Albright was able to take beautiful pieces of jewelry and make a world wide statement with them. Guess it is a new take on the phrase “statement jewelry” :) Her new book Read my Pins features photos of 300 pins/broaches she wore while ambassador to the UN and Secretary of State. She would strategically pick out a pin to wear based upon the mood of the meeting or the point she was trying make. Check out a few examples below:
She wore this huge bug pin during a meeting with Russia after they discovered that the Russians had bugged the State Department.

She wore turtle pins during the Middle East talks because she felt they were moving so slow.

She wore this “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” monkey pin to protest what the Russians were doing in Chechnya and the fact that they were denying what was going on.

After a meeting with Saddam Hussein where he called her a “serpent” she began wearing this snake pin when dealing with Iraq.

In 1996 after Cuba shot down two small planes flown by Cuban-Americans she wore this antique bird pin head down to honor the fallen pilots.

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