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November 10, 2009

Ladybug Baby Shower

Below are a few pictures from the adorable ladybug shower I hosted at my house a few weeks ago! One of my best friends Tatiana is expecting a new little “lady” and in honor of her arrival she is having a total of 6 baby showers (she comes from one of those big crazy Italian families) so rather than give her another bubblegum pink shower we decided to go with something a little different! The menu included punch, lady bug themed appetizers, quiches, salads, croissants, fruit kabobs and cake for dessert!

*If you have thrown a party and think that it might “delight” others please be sure to send me an email with the details and pictures I am always looking for real life inspirations to feature!


  1. So sad I couldn't make it! I love Berkley as the little lady "man" bug! :)