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November 30, 2009

Festive Water Ideas

I am a huge fan of using glasses/pitchers of water to bring some additional color to your table. I actually had a lime placed in each glass at my wedding rather than lemons to help bring out the green theme. By simply adding some fruit, veggies or other edible items that match your color scheme you can make the table really come together. I just love the different water combinations (listed below) that La Mia Tabella shared with her readers!!

Lemon-Herb Water: Lemon Slices, mint or basil leaves, and edible flowers
Lime-Cucumber Water: Lime slices, matchstick cucumber slices, and mint leave
Berry-Rose Water: Raspberries and pesticide-free pink roses
Orange Water: Orange and kumquat slices
Cranberry Water: Handful of cranberries
Blood Orange Water: Blood orange slices with cranberries

** On a side note look for some exciting collaborations between La Mia Tabella and Unexpected Delights in 2010! Kara is an amazing cook and I am excited to be working with her!

Photo Courtesy:
Country Living

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  1. You are awesome! Thanks for the "plug"! I love fetive waters! Just looking at them makes me want to go downstairs and make a lemon water for myself!!!