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August 7, 2009

Ribbon Decor

In my house, I have a whole drawer dedicated to nothing but ribbons. I think that they are just such an easy way to brighten up any gift and I find such inspiration in the colors and textures of the ribbons available today. I am so glad to see that more and more people are using ribbons in their d├ęcor schemes when hosting parties. I especially love multi colored ribbons on the back of chairs at an outdoor party. It not only gives you a splash of color but also provides movement when the wind blows.

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  1. Hi Kerry--Hope your monday is going well! Just wanted to let you know that you won the personalized Dabney Lee stationery giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago (http://tinyurl.com/l65n24). Drop me an email at anne@annesage.com so we can coordinate getting it to you, and congrats!

    Anne @ The City Sage