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August 18, 2009

Birthday Bananas

In honor of my birthday this week I am taking some time off to spend with my awesome husband and our teething puppy Berkley. But before I take off I wanted to take a minute to share a quick recipe for one of my favorite summer delights. Many of you know that I am not a sweet person but I absolutely love chocolate covered bananas! This recipe from Katie at goodlife {eats} is getting me very excited for birthday bananas and presents!! Enjoy this treat and talk to you next week!

3 bananas not overly ripe
5 oz semi-sweet chocolate
5 oz white chocolate
3 tsp shortening
Rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles
6 popsicle sticks
Parchment paper
Measuring spoons
2 small bowls
Cutting board
Also, a big happy birthday to my beautiful mother today!! You are my best friend and I am wishing you nothing but wonderful delights this coming year. I love you so much!
Recipe and Photos Courtesy:
goodlife {eats}

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