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May 28, 2009

Eat This - Not This

On my quest to lose those few pounds I "accidently" picked up during my first year of marriage I was nosing around on one of my favorite trainers websites, (Betsy McNally)and discovered this fun quick reference list of foods to eat and foods to avoid!

EAT THIS: 14 almonds, small apple
NOT: Granola Bar/Fruit and Nut Bar

EAT THIS: 1/2 grapefruit, serving of string cheese
NOT: Banana/Grapes handful of granola

EAT THIS: Low fat Greek Yogurt with a scoop of protein
NOT: Fruit yogurt/Raisins

EAT THIS: 4 egg whites, tablespoon of salsa
NOT: Power Bar/Protein Bar

EAT THIS: Low Carb Wrap With chicken
NOT: Turkey Sub

EAT THIS: Rice cake with hummus or natural peanut butter
NOT: Sunchips or wheat thins

EAT THIS: Strawberries/Blueberries frozen
NOT: Dried fruit of any kind

EAT THIS: Protein Shake or Pudding
NOT: 100 calorie pack snack

EAT THIS: Oatmeal
NOT: Cereal (special k, rice chex)

EAT THIS: Low fat Cottage cheese with berries
NOT: Low fat ice-cream/yogurt

** A huge thank you to Fitness Pro Besty McNally for allowing me to publish these fabulous tips!

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  1. Great little list! Found you through Dog Art.

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